shortyDings 2.0 released

October 20

Last updated on December 18, 2023

Our Genesys Cloud Apps shortsDings and shortyDings +[assist] are now available in version 2.0!

We are pleased to announce that the Genesys Cloud Apps shortsDings and shortsDings +[assist] have been updated to version 2.0.

These apps provide shortcuts in Genesys Cloud CX. With the help of these apps, you can work more efficiently in the contact center by accessing various features and functions with simple keystrokes. In addition, the +[assist] version with voice output enables visually impaired people to work as agents in the contact center by providing audio feedback on keystrokes.

What's new? In version 2.0?


  • Manage incoming callbacks (answer, start, stop callbacks in the queue). 
  • Make and transfer calls from an ongoing conversation by either talking to both other participants or having one participant muted.
  • Query information about the incoming number or the queue when a call comes in. Define a hotkey to set your individual post-processing code.
  • Definieren Sie einen Hotkey, um Ihre individuellen Nachbearbeitungs-Code zu setzen.
  • Set up phone conferences from an ongoing conversation (add additional participants and release them later from the ongoing conversation).
  • e.g. for a conference in an IVR for opt-in or voice recording.
  • Create custom hotkeys to execute any external commands or scripts - independent of Genesys (e.g. for Microsoft Outlook, CRM, … ).
  • Use a hotkey to bring the Genesys browser window to the foreground or open it when you are working in another application.
  • Cheat sheet to check the set up hotkeys incl. the executable functions for sighted people.
  • Use optimized error messages with system and setup description.

shortsDings +[assist]

  • Hear the incoming number or information about the queue when a call comes in (e.g. number of waiting calls / incl. sorting by number of calls).
  • Identify a specific queue via text-to-speech when you are involved in multiple queues.
  • Interrupt the text-to-speech audio output via adhoc hotkey usage.
  • Use a hotkey to check the complete key and function setting (interruptible).
  • Hear an informative wav file when the text-to-speech audio output is not available due to system reasons.

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