Omnichannel Customer Experience with MS Dynamics

January 29

Last updated on February 19, 2021

How you can make customer service processes and workflows in Microsoft Dynamics
faster, easier and therefore more efficient

Every company that deals with customer service deals with a variety of issues. Questions like

  • How can I best manage and maintain my customer data?
  • How do I make my service processes as simple as possible for my customers and optimal for myself?
  • How do I manage the multitude of different communication channels?
  • How do I create the clearest possible working environment for my employees?
  • How can I measure my service end-to-end?

are the questions that need to be answered. Very often, the question on the subject of customer data is quickly answered, since the corresponding tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are already in use. The answer to all other questions is simply Genesys PureCloud and its complete integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

PureCloud is an all-in-one solution that provides the right omnichannel customer experience platform for every need - from telephony to email, tasks to social messaging and BOTs.

PureCloud knows your customer already with the receipt of an interaction and thus helps to serve them optimally - customer identification and optimal distribution of the interaction to the appropriate employees support the service process

As a fully integrated employee/agent module in MS Dynamics, PureCloud enables employees to perform all interactions - in their familiar Microsoft Dynamics work environment - no constant jumping between different applications = simplified process handling in familiar environment

By linking interaction data and Microsoft Dynamics data, a wide variety of comprehensive evaluations can be individually created - data is the new raw material of our time, which helps to create transparency and to align business processes more optimally.

Excerpt of customer comments:

"Finally, we can immediately see the appropriate customer data for every interaction!"

" ... significantly improved transparency for our customer service. We now see much better what is going on. …"

At Deliberate, we'd love to help you take your customer service to the next level.

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