for Genesys Cloud CX

shortyDings provides keyboard shortcuts in Genesys Cloud CX and thus enables more efficient work in the contact center. The definition of the shortcuts for the respective function can be defined by the user. Currently, the functions provided are designed for the inbound voice channel.

The app is also available in the extended version:

shortyDings assist

The +[assist]-version not only provides shortcuts, but also an input confirmation of the called function via voice output.

The speech output is via text-to-speech and can be freely configured by the user per function and shortcut.

Another advantage of is supported work with Genesys Cloud CX even if the application itself is only active in the background. Agents can work with it e.g. in your CRM application and receive calls, forward them and close them with WrapUp code without switching to the Genesys Cloud CX interface.

This input confirmation can enable barrier-free working with Genesys Cloud CXTM and thus provides the possibility to use Genesys Cloud CX also as a workstation for the blind


Screenshot - Konfiguration


Screenshot - Anruf-Weiterleitung

The provided shortcut functions in an overview:



set shortyDings -OFF-

Deactivate shortyDings.

set shortyDings -ON-

Activate shortyDings.

set ready

Sets the user to the "ready“ status.

set busy

Sets the user to the " busy " status.

set break

Sets the user to the " break " status.

set on queue

Sets the user to the "ACD on" status.

set default wrap-up code

Sets the default wrapup code after an ACD interaction.
Note: this function is only possible if no special codes are configured for the queue.

do initiate call

Initiates a call - a dialog is opened (topmost) to enter call destination.
Optional placing of a call on behalf of a queue (via queue short code).

do accept call

Accepts an offered call.

do release all calls

All call will be released.

do release or reject all interactions (all types)

Rejects incoming interactions.

Note: Genesys then asks whether the user should remain on hold or go off-queue. this dialog is unfortunately not directly controllable, so the following procedure should be used here:

  • ACD off = put in status Ready
  • Stay in ACD = set to status Ready and then to queue

do hold call

Puts an active call on hold status.

do on-hold call

Retrieves a call from hold.

do transfer call

Opens the transfer dialog, which can be used to initiate a transfer to various destinations.
The dialog window always appears TopMost.

do mute calls (Genesys)

Turns on the microphone function of Genesys Cloud.

do un-mute calls Genesys)

Turns off the microphone function of Genesys Cloud.

do mute microphones (windows)

Turns on the microphone function of Windows.

do un-mute microphones (windows)

Turns off the microphone function of Windows.

¿ get registration status

Output: outputs the status of shortyDings.

¿ get agent status

Output: outputs the current presence status in Genesys.

¿ get summed calls waiting
for all queues

Output: outputs the number of waiting calls as a sum over all queues assigned to me.

¿ get calls waiting
for each queue assigned to me

Output: outputs the number of waiting calls as a scalar value per queue of all queues assigned to me.

 +[assist] only


  • When defining the HotKeys / Shortcuts it is important that they do not conflict with HotKeys already defined by Windows or other applications.
  • Shorty supports initially only the channel inbound telephony
  • to set the status codes in combination with shortcuts no "Secondary" statuses are supported.