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Customer Communication Performance to Create Great Customer Relationships.

Customer relationships can be complex, but that doesn't mean they have to be difficult. The Genesys Cloud solution simplifies interactions with prospects and customers. Designed for every channel, Genesys Cloud can make calls, emails, chats, and social media messages a seamless conversation - while empowering your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Connect with Customers

The Genesys Cloud solution simplifies the way you connect with customers across channels, giving you all the context you need to deliver more personalized experiences and build stronger relationships.

Empower your Teams

Give your employees the information they need in an interface they love to use. Use an all-in-one application designed to motivate your employees and boost your team's performance.

Understand your Business

With real-time dashboards and up-to-the-second analytics, the Genesys Cloud solution provides the insights you need to run your business - no matter where your agents are or what channels they're working. Genesys' award-winning software can be
up and running in days, intuitive to use, and updated with upgrades every week.

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Customer communication performance to create great customer relationships.

Genesys Cloud was built from the ground up to deliver seamless conversations, eliminating the need for multiple systems and applications.

It is an all-in-one solution that provides a unified experience across all channels. Genesys Cloud uses a common routing engine for all interaction types, so you can easily control agent workload and mix, while ensuring that conversations are routed to the agents best equipped to handle them.

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Cloud-PBX / UC

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Agents receive interactions from every channel in a single and consistent interface, allowing them to easily mix real-time (voice calls and chats) and asynchronous conversations (text messages, email, and social), all while reducing training efforts and user errors.

Self Service

Provide your customers with a conversational self-service experience.

Provide around-the-clock self-service and agent-assisted service via IVR flows that you can manage yourself with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Configure prompts, data overlays, submenus and transmissions to meet your business needs - all without the need for professional service or downtime. Deliberate supports you with expertise and best practice experience.

Choose between integrated automatic speech recognition or natural language understanding integration. And you can be confident that our IVR has the security features you need to comply with regulations, so you can securely process credit card payments and meet privacy requirements.

Outbound Campaigns

Optimize your campaigns while ensuring agent productivity,
reduce costs and increase contact rates in the process.

An integrated automated outbound dialer has the features, power, scalability, and flexibility you need to increase campaign effectiveness. Accurately detect and filter answering machines, busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected numbers, and fax machines, and configure campaigns with multiple dialing modes. Help your agents spend less time waiting and more time connecting with customers.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Get the information and insights you need to run and optimize your business - from one place in real time.

With the Genesys Cloud solution, you have virtually unlimited reporting capabilities. Multi-layered, dynamic views bring together metrics from every channel - inbound and outbound. Compare real-time and historical data in a single view to see how your current performance compares to the past. Or filter, save, and export unique views in seconds. Drill down for deeper details with a single click. Configure custom dashboards in minutes, and use package integrations or open APIs to export data to a business intelligence database.

Whether you're on the road in the call center with an iPad or working at your computer, it's easy to stay connected and in control. Set alerts and get notified when key metrics aren't being met, so you never miss an important detail.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Emotional employee engagement as an important part of your CX strategy.

Genesys Cloud workforce engagement capabilities boost employee productivity with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities in the areas of quality management, voice and digital recording, workforce management and employee performance - all from a single intuitive application. The Genesys Cloud solution takes just 30 seconds to capture your historical data and combine it with more than 20 predictive methods to predict and track overall interaction performance. A comprehensive view across all channels ensures you can thoroughly evaluate interactions to provide effective coaching and performance reviews for your agents.

Flexible Voice Services

Simplicity of communication is crucial for your business. That's why you need flexible options for voice connectivity.

Customer's own Carrier

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) lets you use the phone carrier of your choice. The Genesys Cloud solution works with third-party providers - whether it's an on-premises PBX or a cloud carrier - so you can make the most of your existing relationships and investments.

BYOC is available in two different variants:

On-premise or cloud, depending on how the connection is to be set up.

Genesys as a Carrier

Keep things simple, fast and hardware-free with the Internet-based telephony service, Genesys Cloud Voice. Get 100% cloud communications - with Genesys as your carrier. Port existing numbers or purchase new numbers directly from the web interface to make and receive calls instantly. Usage-based pricing has no channel limits, no minimum commitments, and a flexible month-to-month contract. High-quality SIP trunking eliminates the physical connection to a phone company and all associated hardware and cabling overhead.

Unified Communications

WebRTC and SIP Softphone

Set up voice calls for new agents, teams, or locations in an instant - without MPLS lines or the need for a VPN. With the WebRTC softphone, agents can make and receive calls instantly with just a browser and a headset, without the need for additional software or hardware. WebRTC technology provides a secure voice connection over the open Internet.

If you prefer to keep audio and signaling local, you can install the Genesys Cloud SIP Softphone application, which runs on Windows-based computers and can be used even when logged out of the contact center solution itself. It has all the benefits of a hardware phone - with added portability.

Business telephony and more

Unify all of your company's communication channels. By adding Genesys Cloud Communicate workstations, you can merge traditional business telephony features like voicemail and group calling with real-time collaboration tools like video conferencing, screen sharing, team chat, profile-driven enterprise directory and document management. And with iOS and Android apps, employees can collaborate anytime, anywhere. It's all native and tightly integrated - in a single solution.

Anytime, anywhere collaboration. It's all natively integrated - in a single solution.

Build or Buy?

With Genesys, this doesn't have to be a decision.

From straightforward to sophisticated, the ways you can deploy and use the Genesys Cloud solution are virtually unlimited. It's flexible enough to meet all your business needs because it's both an application and a platform.

Use out-of-the-box applications to get up and running quickly. Use them as is, or customize IVR, routing, recording, dashboards, and more to meet your needs.

Use the platform to build your own customer service ecosystem. For more specialized customizations, you can draw on a full set of open REST APIs, as well as documentation and the dedicated community of Genesys Cloud developers.

Expand your application. Whether you build or buy. Just add pre-built integrations. The Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace offers over 300 out-of-the-box integrations, and the variety of options continues to grow.

Easy Integration into Existing Systems


Say goodbye to tedious service efforts. Pre-built CRM integrations are available for all major systems, including Salesforce. These out-of-the-box integrations are quick to deploy, easy to configure, and offer intelligent routing for all interaction types, automatic logging, and pop-up windows. Present information to your agents in scripts or in existing screens in your CRM system, for example.

Make routing decisions based on data from your CRM system or a third-party system that stores data and uses web services. Agents can even work directly in your CRM interface or any browser-based application, using Genesys Cloud's embedded call controls and features.


Keep everything in place accurately and up to date, without manual intervention. Populate and synchronize user profiles with Active Directory, HR systems, or any SQL database to automatically synchronize bidirectional data between your systems and Genesys Cloud users.

The Genesys Cloud solution also integrates with popular single sign-on services to make access even easier.

BOTs in Customer Service

Not science fiction, but an important complementary building block for providing optimum customer service at all times and in every situation.

Use cases that were mapped in the past on simple, mostly DTMF-based IVR systems or simple FAQ's are being ported to BOT solutions and further application scenarios in the environment of standardized processes are being sought. The fact is that today, BOT solutions are very capable of automating interaction processes and, to a large extent, can serve them without the intervention of an agent. Genesys AI supports self-service bots for personalized, customer-oriented service.

Deploying bots in isolation results in disconnected customer experiences. Genesys orchestrates and measures bot experiences with built-in capabilities or third-party bots from Google, Amazon, IBM, and others. When our bots send conversations to agents, they do so for seamless connection with full context.

Using a dedicated bot on each channel

Genesys offers AI flexibility. Maximize your investment with features that are compatible with other chat bot platforms from Google, Amazon, IBM, and others. Whether you're developing a feature for voice bots, chat bots, or messaging bots, the Genesys platform allows you to build once and reuse on any channel.

Deploy agents at the right time

Bots work best when they are well matched with human agents. If needed, chat conversations can be seamlessly handed off to a live agent. In this case, your agents also get access to all the information collected by the bot, including contextual information.

Provide a full experience

The Genesys platform gives you simple tools to create and measure the entire customer journey. And that doesn't just apply to bot interactions. You can manage the entire customer experience across marketing, sales, and service. Isolated solutions hurt your business. Bring it all together with Genesys.

Build on a platform that adapts

With an open platform, you can link underlying technologies and synchronize data across channels. This gives you new opportunities to optimize the customer and employee journey with native and third-party software solutions. An adaptable platform grows with you - no matter how your business priorities change.

Amazon Lex

With an integration from Genesys Cloud to Amazon Lex, bots can interact with customers in conversation. This integration allows PureCloud to invoke Lex chatbot actions in Architect such as call, message, and chat flows.

Google Dialogflow

With a Genesys Cloud integration to Google Dialogflow, bots can communicate with customers. Use the Google Dialogflow integration to invoke Dialogflow bots in Architect.

Genesys Dialog Engine

The Genesys Dialog Engine allows bots to interact with customers in dialog. Use this native implementation to invoke Dialog Engine bots in Architect.

Genesys Predictive Engagement

Optimize your website for you and your visitors

Predictive Engagement analyzes the behavior of visitors on your website in real time and identifies the right moment for a proactive interaction via a web chat, screen pop or content offers. This is done using data, context and website behavior.

The visitor is then connected to an agent or optionally a chat bot that can proactively guide them through the (purchase) process. The AI received in the solution learns from the visits and continuously optimizes itself.

video coming soon

Increase your online conversion rates through intelligent automation

AI-powered website personalization makes users feel valued - and your sales reps are relieved. Plus, conversion rates can increase when visitors get assistance when they need it most.

Optimizing personalized content by combining AI with agents

Improve the user experience through automation. Pass interactions to a live agent at the right time to increase visitor satisfaction and personalize the experience.

Optimize best practices through machine learning

Use available data to build a decision model that improves over time. Make changes as you gain new insights and adapt to customers' changing desires and behaviors.

Piktogramm Predictive Engagement

currently only in German language available

Make it Your Own

Marketplace for Genesys Cloud Apps

Browse the ever-growing Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace - with more than 350 pre-built apps and integrations from industry-leading vendors and technology partners. Whether you're looking to integrate an existing workforce management tool or business intelligence system, or introduce new features like game-like elements for agents. The marketplace has a solution to meet your needs. And enjoy one-click installation and free trials.

Our add-on „blinkyDings“ configured for Genesys Cloud can be found there in the offer, among others.

With blinkyDings, we are proud to be able to make an attractive contribution to the
Genesys Cloud eco-system. Through our intensive customer relationships, Deliberate always knows the requirements and "needs" and will certainly be able to support the customer service centers with further useful tools in the future.

Markus Lill, Managing Director / Service Provision Deliberate GmbH

APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs)

With the Genesys Cloud solution, you can build almost anything in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned public REST API that Genesys developers use. The APIs, SDKs, and open source projects are constantly being updated and the Genesys Developer Community is eager to help you.

Stable, Secure and Scalable

Resilience and Survivability

The Genesys Cloud solution is designed to deliver business continuity and provides unparalleled reliability and disaster recovery. The entire Genesys Cloud solution is deployed across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions, each consisting of multiple integrated AWS data centers. This distributed deployment provides the ultimate in geographic fault tolerance and disaster recovery. And Genesys Cloud provides horizontal scalability and elasticity, so you can scale as high or as low as you need-without sacrificing performance.

Deployment in the following AWS regions:

  • USA East (N. Virginia)
  • USA West (Oregon)
  • EU Irleand (Dublin)
  • EU Germany (Frankfurt)
  • EU UK (London)
  • APAC Australia (Sydney)
  • APAC Japan (Tokio)

Security and Compliance

Genesys works hard to protect your critical data and safeguard your resources from threats.
The Genesys cloud solution provides strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent multi-tenant security standards, and key industry requirements so you can stay compliant-regardless of your industry or location.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency are critical when selecting a cloud service provider. With the Genesys Cloud solution, you get visibility into SLAs, current system status, and event resolution history.

Architecture and Added Values

A scalable cloud architecture you can rely on


  • Unified all-in-one solution that minimizes vendors and complexity.
  • Enables agents to work from anywhere using web and browser-based applications with unified collaboration tools.
  • Enables organizations to be more agile and meet customer demands.

Fast Value Creation

  • Commissioning and operation in days,
    not in months.
  • Instant access to the latest features and capabilities, continuous deployment.
  • Modern, intuitive user interface reduces administration and training effort.

Reduced Risk

  • Cloud infrastructure for reliability and control, easy to manage, with elastic load balancing.