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blinkyDings is a functional extension for your Genesys Cloud CX application. It signals the current Genesys Cloud status of the agent and informs about incoming interactions easily visible for the whole customer service team and of course the agent itself. For pure Communicate users, for example, their personal or call status can be displayed. No call will get lost anymore.

NEW in version 2.3.0

  • Time-based queue monitoring (Longest Call Waiting).
  • Maximum calls in queue monitoring.

The signaling is done visually via an information light connected to the PC via USB
and/or via desktop notification.

 Each status information can be individually assigned to a color.


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Use Cases

Typical Situation:

  • Notifications cannot be detected if the browser is running in the background or the user is not currently looking at the screen. 
  • For users who do not work with a headset permanently (typical Communicate User), ringing is often not noticed.
  • Audible signaling is usually not desired in the contact center environment

Business Benefits:

  • blinkyDings can show browser activity and incoming calls outside of the browser via screen or additional USB hardware.
  • User gets informed about Genesys activity while working in other application or browser tab.
  • Busylights can visually signal the current agent status and provide a quick overview of the group's situation when multiple agents are working together, e.g. for supervisors or team managers.
  • Employees can use hotkeys to change their busylight signaling to indicate they need assistance.
  • The USB busylight is useful for indicating interaction status at a single workstation, whether at the office or home, to prevent disruptions from the environment.
Feature Summary
  • NEW additional alerts -  Time-based queue monitoring and maximum calls in queue monitoring provides easy prio & emergency management between queues
  • NEW - better handling and easier deployment
    - DataTables / IntegrationsView authorizations no longer required.
    - Configuration can be provided via CSV file.
    - Different rule sets possible (per agent group).
    - Rule priority can be adjusted manually.
  • A client application that extends the notification capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX TM.
  • Offers signaling for any agent-presence state, call-conversation state and routing & queue status.
  • “Require Assistance” feature (with HotKey) to notify and call for help (e.g. from supervisor).
  • Offers visual on-screen non-intrusive pop-up above all windows and to be positioned flexibly on all screens.
  • Pop-up screen positioning: Pop-up elements can be dragged to another position or to another screen and will be automatically saved in configuration.
  • Signaling style for each state can be configured to have individual color and blink behavior.
blinkyDings Signaling
blinkyDings Rule Expressions
blinkyDings configuration
blinkyDings Event Definition
blinkyDings App Status
blinkyDings App signaling configuration
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Current Version 2.3.0



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blinkyDings currently works with the following signal lights:

  • kuando Busylight – UC Alpha
  • kuando Busylight – UC Omega