Do I need a bot – and what is it actually?

February 19

Last updated on February 19, 2021

Bots are on everyone's lips. Whether voice bot, chat bot or message bot, everyone is talking about them. But what are bots? What is the best use for them? And why does a company actually need bots?

Bots are easiest to describe from the perspective of intelligent automation. They are small, intelligent interaction tools/modules that enable a company to automate interaction processes with customers, thus relieving employees and doing so around the clock. Bots do not sleep and offer their service 24×7.

Bots come in a wide variety of forms:

  • Chat bots, which take over chatting on websites with customers
  • Voice bots, which conduct dialogs with customers on incoming calls using natural speech recognition and text-to-speech
  • Message bots, which exchange information with customers when integrated into messaging tools such as WhatsApp, similar to chat bots.

Common bot platforms are Google with Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Amazon with LEX or Microsoft with their bot framework / LUIS. The use of bots clearly has the goal of automating processes, relieving employees, offering broader customer service and ultimately reducing process costs and interaction costs.

Various questions should be answered in advance, including:

  • Which interaction processes are subject to a certain standardization
  • How often do such interactions occur
  • Are my customers willing to communicate with bots?
  • How do I deal with interactions that cannot be handled satisfactorily by the bot and therefore require the support of an employee?

... to name just a few examples.

At Deliberate, we are happy to support you in asking the right questions, answering them, and in the further planning process for implementing your bot strategy. In addition, we also offer Genesys Cloud, the appropriate customer experience platform for integrating your chosen bot solution(s) into the end-to-end customer service process, which we implement including the bot.

Feel free to contact us about this and other Customer Experience / Customer Journey topics and questions.

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