Francis Picabia (1879-1953)

Disappointment comes from unmet expectations. You won't experience that with Deliberate. We are your partner at eye level. This also includes showing you the possibilities and limitations of a technical solution.

I particularly remember those customers who supported us from the very beginning and still use our services today. That is what I understand by sustainable work.

Thomas Denk - Managing Director / Corporate Management

Co-founder of Deliberate. Many years of experience in many areas of the IT world. Complexity is not a headache for him. Understands and thinks mid-market / SME.

Branch Experience

  • Automotive
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Industry
  • Service Provider

Focus / Education

  • Spokesman of the Management Board
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Moderation and Project Management
  • Tenders
  • Project Manager, State certified Technician

In the next three to five years, we want to further expand and consolidate our market position as the leading provider in the German cloud contact center market.

Markus Lill - Managing Director / Service Provision

Co-founder of Deliberate. Technology expert with a keen sense of his customers' business - and how IT solutions develop that business.

Branch Experience

  • Automotive
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Telecommunications

Focus / Education

  • Technology Consulting (VoIP, UC, Contact Center, etc.)
  • Service and System Design, ITIL
  • Project Management
  • Graduate Computer Scientist

Stefan Grünzner

My goal is to work with our customers to shape the path to the digitization of customer service, placing the people who provide and consume service today and in the future at the focal point of the technological concepts.

Stefan Grünzner - Managing Director

CEO of Group to which Deliberate belongs since August 2022. CEO @ and has been accompanying companies for over 20 years with a clear mission: customer service must be made for customers and affordable for companies.

Sabine Fröschl

Our solutions are often business-critical foundations for our customers' daily business. As a reliable partner, we not only ensure their availability. Service is a matter of the heart for me and our highly specialized and committed team.

Sabine Fröschl - Managing Director

Joined the management of Deliberate GmbH in August 2022. Has worked at and predecessor organizations since 1995. As Head of CX Solutions, she is responsible for the support and continuous development of highly complex communication solutions in customer service.

Our thanks go to our employees, who work and think every day for our joint success, and to our families.

Herma Denk - Member of the Executive Board / Finance and Controlling

Responsible for cost transparency and control. Takes it very seriously with reliability and accuracy; never forgets the importance of laughter.

Branch Experience

  • Finance
  • Service

Focus / Education

  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Bank Clerk