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AniCa is a functional extension for your Genesys Cloud application that allows users to make outbound calls with user-defined number (Caller ID).

This is necessary for agents or business users who work in multiple queues and/or groups. For example, it can be ensured that only the group number is displayed and that when the customer calls back, this call is also returned to exactly this group. It is therefore not necessary to give out the personal extension number. By default, Genesys Cloud allows a number to be entered for each outgoing call, but it cannot be saved for future calls.

AniCa provides a very convenient remedy here: a list of numbers can be configured and selected via a drop-down menu before an outgoing call is made. The last dialed number is already preset for the next call.

This tool passes the call command to the Genesys Cloud, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual entry of numbers before each call.

In addition, a "click-to-dial" functionality is integrated, which makes it possible to highlight a number in the Google Chrome browser and dial it directly via right-click.

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Targeted routing of callbacks means time savings, thus relieving employees and increasing the service level

Can also be used by non-agents (communicate users), which increases efficiency for business users

Personal extension number does not have to be disclosed, especially helpful for people who do not want to be called directly

Calls to a group number ensures availability, which leads to higher customer satisfaction

Preset numbers allow quick and targeted selection from the drop-down menu, eliminating the need for repeated entry

Simple Chrome browser addon that can be installed directly from the web store

Built-in "click-to-dial" functionality allows numbers to be dialed directly from the Chrome browser without the need for additional copy and paste. This saves time.


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