Contact Center Solutions 2023

July 28

Last updated on July 28, 2023

A buyer's guide 

Technology that supports the customer and employee experiences of the future - and the trends that favor its use. Customer expectations are currently rising so fast that companies can't keep up. Their employees also have more choices when it comes to where - and how - they work.

With increasing economic uncertainty and the need to prove their own viability, managers with customer experience (CX) responsibilities should define and keep a clear goal in mind to stay on track for success and ahead of the competition.

In 2023, technology and employee experience will increasingly shape the industry's evolution. The three factors that will fundamentally change the customer experience are innovation growth in business process automation, advanced analytics, and AI-powered orchestration. Combined, they have a disruptive impact and offer significant benefits in terms of simplicity, efficiency and flexibility.

Based on current insights, in this guide our partner Genesys presents concrete characteristics you need to create value for your customers, employees and your business in general in 2023, build resilience and defend your market position in the long term.

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