Accessability-Webinar Review

December 19

Last updated on December 20, 2022

See contact center agents in new environments, with visually enhanced ways of working. Open the door to integration and recruit valuable employees into your contact center in search of new talent.

Being visually impaired myself inspired me to found
Be My Eyes. Our goal is to help people solve everyday
tasks quickly by connecting blind or visually impaired app users with sighted volunteers, company representatives
and contact center agents.

(Hans Jørgen Wiberg, founder of Be My Eyes)

Recording of the Genesys webinar on December 7, 2022.

Many thanks to Bettina from Genesys and Hans, Joe, Todd
and Kerns from Be My Eyes for the great collaboration!

Two sides of the same coin

Be My Eyes and Deliberate GmbH combine complementary Genesys apps - shortyDings and Be My Eyes - to transform agent desktops into places where visually impaired people can truly thrive.

be my eyes - shortDings +[assist]

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