Strong Helpdesk – Strong Conversions

November 24

Last updated on November 24, 2022

Only a service desk that truly lives up to its name helps to increase overall satisfaction - both internally and externally. Satisfaction that translates into hard cash.

Improve employee satisfaction while eliminating repetitive tasks and reducing costs with integration, automation, bots, and Artificial Intelligence. Learn more in this whitepaper from Genesys.

Starker Helpdesk – starker Umsatz - Download Whitepaper

click to download (German only)

Preview - the conclusion of the white paper:

  • Today, an outstanding employee experience has long been mandatory in times of a shortage of skilled workers, and no longer just optional. This includes overcoming information silos, harnessing data, and having a powerful help desk.
  • A high-performance service desk makes itself felt both internally and externally. For companies that need to deliver a high-performance service anyway, a strong
    helpdesk has become a "no brainer".
  • Strong help desk should be understood in a multi-dimensional way: It is powerful for both internal and external customers, and it makes daily business easier for agents and clerks.
  • Ultimately, a strong helpdesk grows from the "comforter" of former
    from the "comforter" of earlier times to a real revenue generator.

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