The five phases of digital engagement

August 12

Last updated on August 12, 2022

The value of a solid digital engagement strategy

Customer support teams have faced unprecedented challenges in recent months. For many companies, the tough circumstances shone a harsh light on gaps in a critical area: digital engagement.

The benefits of digital engagement have never been more clear. With a strong cloud digital engagement platform, you can operate under nearly any circumstances. Your customers enjoy shorter wait times and better, more consistent experiences. And your agents are freed from many mundane tasks. With the right strategy in place, you can evolve digital engagement rapidly.

Every company will begin from a different place. Use this ebook to determine which phase of your digital engagement journey you’re in now — and how to advance to the next.

The five phases

  • Phase 1: Fortify your digital self-service
  • Phase 2: Amplify your digital support
  • Phase 3: Empower your employees
  • Phase 4: Optimise your support strategy
  • Phase 5: Evolve to the next level of self-service

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