Future-proof with a modern cloud architecture

August 3

Last updated on August 5, 2022


Future-proof your contact center with a modern cloud architecture. The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform is designed with tomorrow in mind.

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Respond faster

Open APIs give you better tools to navigate change with speed and ease.

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Access innovations

Gain instant access to artificial intelligence (AI) innovations that are simple to operate.

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Add smart automation

Develop smarter, more personalized experiences for your customers.

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Expand easily

Add features and functionality to your solution as your needs evolve.

Whatever the future brings, Genesys Cloud CX can handle it

Genesys Cloud CX is designed to help you manage change in a secure, reliable and scalable way. Its cloud-native architecture delivers the developments in cloud technologies, continuously deployed. You get immediate access to advancements in key areas of innovation as they happen. Explore how we use microservices, an API-first strategy, open data and AI to future-proof your cloud contact center.

Take a closer look

See the details of how Genesys Cloud CX services are connected and how data is passed between them in this architectural diagram.

Genesys Cloud Plattform Architecture

Elegantly manage change with microservices

Simple, stateless and secure components called microservices provide a powerful, reliable solution for managing change. Genesys Cloud CX comprises hundreds of these microservices — each of which provides specialized functionality that’s grouped into major Genesys Cloud CX services.

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On-demand scaling

Most Genesys Cloud CX services use Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and network load balancers (NLB) with auto-scaling groups. Genesys Cloud CX distributes load and monitors groups according to service-specific policies. When a threshold is exceeded, the group adds or removes additional resources automatically, as needed. Many newer services leverage serverless technologies, instantly responding to changes in load without the need to manage servers.

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Fail-safe processing and testing

Occasional failures are inevitable, good software development practices are designed to account for them. A microservices architecture means one microservice failure won’t affect another. We actively test and validate failure and recovery paths through automated chaos testing and fire drills. On average, 500 automated chaos experiments are conducted daily to anticipate and, ultimately, prevent failures so they don’t impact you.

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Reliability through recovery

When an individual server fails, the associated ALB/ASG health check detects and detaches the unhealthy instance from the load balancer. If this error isn’t transient, additional policies trigger self-healing behavior. This means the errant node stops and a completely new server is created to take its place. Your traffic continues unabated and Genesys Cloud CX recovers before you notice a service gap.

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Continuous deployment

We continually push new code into production. If a small defect is detected, we fix it and push out new versions of the affected services. Our distributed architecture allows the release of rolling updates without having to take down the entire system for maintenance. Load balancing and techniques such as “canary deployments” are used to ensure that updates don’t adversely affect your system.

Connect cloud applications with open data

Less time building custom code — more time building unique experiences

Genesys joined forces with Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Linux Foundation Joint Development Foundation (JDF) to create the Cloud Information Model (CIM). This model defines common standards that make it easier for you to connect data across multiple cloud platforms.

Under the JDF-defined Open Data Model, the CIM enables full interoperability and data exchange between the partners’ applications and platforms. Any company can join and contribute to the CIM, including providers and customers.

This enables you to adopt and extend the CIM within days. Create data lakes, generate analytics, train machine-learning models, build a single view of the customer and more.

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Differentiate faster and easier with APIs

By starting with APIs, major Genesys Cloud CX services provide a pool of reusable functions that can easily grow in function and scale. This API-first approach empowers developers — both ours and yours — to build new functionality faster, with less effort required, using Genesys Cloud CX services.

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Add smart automation with artificial intelligence

Genesys Cloud CX unifies, orchestrates and optimizes customer and employee experiences using native and third-party AI technologies. Integrate real-time and historical data, predict outcomes and trigger intelligent conversations to save costs and deliver better results

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