Eight ways to stop irritating your customers

July 21

Last updated on July 21, 2022

Customer service can make or break a business.

So, it’s troubling that many organizations still get it wrong, according to a recent survey1. This infographic shows how artificial intelligence (AI) helps you overcome the key frustrations of surveyed customers and get service right.



wanted quicker answers to their questions


Good customer service depends on quickly and accurately getting customers the help they want. Resolve issues quickly by using AI to analyze interaction performance and trigger actions to improve customer experiences.


faced too many automated options before being served


Knowing when to have a human engage with customers is essential to providing the best service. With the right AI technology, you can recognize the moment a web visitor is uncertain or frustrated. Insights into customer intent let you proactively engage customers at the right time — with the right offer — and using the best resource.


were frustrated by long on-hold times


Ensure you have the right balance of resources so your customers don’t sit on hold. AI calculates future demands and automatically schedules resources for optimal efficiency.


had to repeat information to multiple reps


To save your customers from unnecessary repetition, maintain complete historical and real-time context across digital and voice channels and across human and bot interactions. Then use AI to route customers to the right resource at the right time and with all the pertinent information.


received incorrect information


No one knows everything; but with AI your agents can come pretty close. AI-driven automated assistance gives employees possible responses – on the spot – so they can offer real-time tips and suggestions.


spoke with a bot that didn’t understand them


Some bots struggle to grasp customer intent and correctly reply to requests. Equipped with human-like natural language understanding, conversational AI voicebots and chatbots grasp the meaning of information within a given context to provide appropriate responses.


found employees patronizing


Good employees are the superpower of your contact center. When they falter, so does customer service. In addition to call recording and coaching, you can analyze agent performance to identify knowledge gaps and personalize training. This increases speed to competency, optimizes agent skills and identifies performance issues.


couldn’t easily provide feedback

Your customers have opinions — make it easy for them to give you feedback. Automated post-interaction surveys provide insight into issues and identify your at-risk customers.

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