Knowledge Automation for GENESYS Cloud CX

June 16

Last updated on June 16, 2022

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Automate company knowledge and deliver accurate answers everywhere customers and agents meet in Genesys Cloud.

Shelf is a highly awarded, innovative knowledge automation platform designed to help remote workers be more productive and efficient. Used by organizations such as HelloFresh, Gerber Life, and eTraveli, Shelf enables company knowledge to be automatically suggested and delivered directly in the Genesys Interface, and significantly reduces admin overhead through advanced analytics and automated content maintenance.

With knowledge automation, you can simplify training and onboarding, ensure accurate and consistent service, and keep customers happy with every successful resolution.

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Agent Assist Supercharges your Team

Shelf’s Agent Assist integration in Genesys means your team can quickly surface the information they need to do their job, with no extra effort. Agent Assist listens to the conversation and suggests real-time answers directly from your existing knowledge, whether it’s a simple answer or a complex navigated workflow process. 


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 Knowledge Automation

for GENESYS Cloud CX


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