G-Summit DACH 2022 Review

June 2

Last updated on June 2, 2022

The mountain called - here comes the echo!

The G-Summit DACH in the virtual Alps last week was an exciting event with interesting information and contributions. For those who could not join us on the mountain, here is a recording of Deliberate's Business Talks.

Interview with Deliberate customer CarGarantie Courtage SARL
"Multi-language challenge - carrier connectivity to 8 different countries"

Thomas Müller, Senior Consultant (Deliberate) talks to
Christoph Schuler, Head of Operations (CarGarantie Courtage SARL)

Deliberate would like to thank Christoph Schuler again for making himself available for this interview!

The entire success story
of CarGarantie Courtage SARL

can be downloaded here.

Success Story CarGarantie

Genesys has provided a snazzy montage of the joint mountain tour.

Among other things, this year's awards were also presented. The Customer Empathy Award went to the Deliberate customer Ringier. Once again from our side

Recordings of the presentations and materials from the event are now available via the event link for anyone who was registered for the Summit.

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