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February 3

Last updated on February 3, 2022

Connecting moments throughout the customer journey

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world. From life-saving medical services to interpersonal connectivity, the many benefits of applied AI are just beginning to be realised. Applying AI helps your business and customers connect, communicate and develop a relationship. With the power of Genesys AI — incorporating data integration, analytics and machine learning — you can personalise and continually improve customer engagements.

Let’s walk through a common customer scenario and reveal how AI helps:

  • Unify customer data throughout engagements
    Genesys AI gives your customers and employees an AI-powered journey connected across marketing, sales and service as well as digital and voice channels. Genesys AI improves employee performance by providing seamless, ideal-match routing with historical and real-time context.
  • Orchestrate real time AI-driven customer and employee experiences
    Genesys AI offers smarter assistance and automation than virtual assistants through the power of orchestration. It coordinates with third-party data sources—and even other AIs — to enrich bot-customer conversations with knowledge base articles and to aid employees with real time tips during customer engagements.
  • Continuously personalise engagements throughout the customer journey
    Genesys AI analyses outcomes in order to optimise each interaction and the customer journey as a whole — from proactively engaging prospects who are likely to buy, to personalising and delivering employee training, and utilising the optimum number of employees at any given moment.
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