Success Story: CarGarantie Courtage SARL

December 22

Last updated on January 12, 2022

"Genesys Cloud CX is the solution that delivers exactly what we expected. The system is highly sophisticated. The teamwork with Deliberate has also been very professional and extremely competent at all times. We have had an excellent working relationship."

Christoph Schuler, Head of Operations, CarGarantie Courtage SARL

CarGarantie Courtage SARL, French subsidiary of CarGarantie, is a B2B insurance broker and service provider designed for maximum quality. The company wants to sustain this quality in its customer service and therefore switched to Genesys Cloud CX.

With more than 50 years of experience and around 200 million euros in premium income per year, as well as a market presence in 19 countries, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG (CarGarantie) is one of the leading specialist insurers for warranty and customer loyalty programs for new and used vehicles in Europe for brand dealers. More than 40 manufacturers/importers and more than 23,000 specialized brand dealers rely on CarGarantie's individualized warranty programs and the high service quality of CarGarantie. As a reliable partner, CarGarantie focuses on stability and a long-term approach.

currently only German version available

logo cargarantie courtage

CarGarantie Courtage SARL


Insurance Broker/
Service Provider B2B

Mulhouse, Elsass


up to 70


  • International,
    multilingual project
  • Maximum demands on service quality and time
  • No skillbased routing, but classification into groups
  • Fast, simple and transparent scalability

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