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June 7

Last updated on June 18, 2021

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Deliberate, together with its partner Genesys, was able to set up a vaccination hotline for Viega at short notice and ready for operation in just 4 days.

Together with Deliberate GmbH, Viega introduced a cloud-based contact center solution within a very short time. This serves as a vaccination hotline for Viega's workforce so that vaccination appointments can be arranged. Whether in the home office or in the company, Viega employees can make an appointment by phone at any time thanks to the Genesys Cloud solution.

Mr. Keller commented on the collaboration with Deliberate: 

Competent, fast and reliable, everything we discussed under time pressure was implemented as agreed and without loss of time. We are very satisfied with Deliberate and the implemented solution for the vaccination hotline. Only a few days passed from the request to the provision of the solution for productive use.

Marco Keller, Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. (FH)

Administrator, IT Digital Workplace, Corporate IT, Viega GmbH & Co. KG


Viega, a manufacturer of sanitary and heating technology, set up injection lines at two operating sites in Germany within two weeks.
A hotline should be established to allow employees to book immunization appointments by phone in addition to online booking.
Customer requirement: Hotline must be operational in one week.


Cloud based contact center solution - Genesys Cloud

Success Factors:

Optimal interaction between the solution partners and the customer

Deliberate's years of experience, effective planning and good partner relationships.

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