May 7

Last updated on May 7, 2021

Our homepage has got support!  

With our Deli-Bot we can have a little helper on the homepage - Deli.
You can find him on our start page. 

"Welcome Deli! Would you like to introduce yourself to us?"


Hello everyone. As already mentioned my name is Deli. I am an aiaibot and originally from beautiful Switzerland.

"So how did you get on our homepage?"


Deliberate has partnered with aiaibot (a Swiss company) in 2021. And to demonstrate this bot solution to the customers, a friendly employee of Deliberate created me and put me on the homepage. And there I feel very comfortable - it's a really great homepage!

"What have you learned already - how can you support our homepage visitors?"


I have carefully studied and memorized the navigation structure of your homepage. Now I am ready to help visitors find the information they are looking for on the homepage.

After the first year of teaching I am still a bit static, but I want to learn. When the friendly guy who built me has time again, he wants to teach me a lot more. Until today he has only had a week for me.

But he promised me that in the future I will be taught real conversational AI and I will also get access to databases.

"Sounds promising Deli. Glad to have you on our team now.
I wish you my best start!"

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