Visual IVR for Genesys Cloud

February 18

Last updated on February 18, 2021

Deliberate implements visualIVR based on Genesys Cloud

Every customer has had some experience with an IVR - Interactive Voice Response. Mostly in the form of selection menus or queries via the caller is able to make entries on the phone by means of speech (or key dialing). Be it for navigation or authentication, up to the execution of complete self-services or voice applications.

Unfortunately for the customer not really nice and easy to use.

VisualIVR now offers the possibility to display menus and queries on a screen parallel to voice calls and to navigate, select and make entries on the screen. Even complex applications can be displayed with good usability.


The visualization of an IVR leads to a simpler, more comfortable and also error-free operation and thus also to more customer acceptance.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased use of digital services
  • Reduced workload for employees
  • Faster and easier for users
  • Reduction of process unit costs
  • Speed through automation

Potential Use Cases:

visual IVR use cases

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Flow / architecture sketch

Flow / architecture sketch

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