Version History

Was ist die aktuelle Version, welche Features sind neu, etc.

Im Folgenden sind alle Versionen und Änderungen historisch aufgelistet:

11.11.2020 - blinkyDings Version 1.0

Erste herausgegebene Version - Start 11.11.2020

Unterstützte Betriebssysteme

  • MS Windows 10, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 7


  • blinkyDings is a client application that extends the notification capabilities of Genesys Cloud
  • Offers signaling for any AgentPresence-State, CallConversation-State and Routing-Status
  • “Require Assistance” feature (with HotKey) to notify and call for help (e.g. from team leader)
  • Offers Visual On-Screen non-intrusive Popup above all windows
  • (Optional) Use of external USB Color LED light – currently supported: busylights by plenom
  • Signaling style for each state can be configured to have individual color and blink behavior
  • All blinkyDings clients are provisioned by central cloud configuration backend
  • Simple registration and configuration via QR-Code from mobile device camera
  • Configuration groups for uniform blink style and behavior