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01.11.2021 - displayDings (standard package)

Standard package

In the standard package everything is based on teams or departments, and a team can consist of one or more queues. Permissions can be assigned very granularly on a role/permission basis (agent, team leader, all), and all of these can have different permissions, even broken down by an agent's performance.

Predefined layouts help you set this up very quickly. Everything is customizable and can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer.
We use metrics provided by Genesys Cloud as well as internal data from which a variety of values can be calculated.

Optionally, other data, such as SQL sources or third-party systems accessible via RESTful APIs, can be integrated or the data can be exported to MS Excel or other BI systems. Our architecture is based on Elasticsearch and Kibana (ELK Stack), which makes a rock solid and great solution for indexing, structuring and visualizing large amounts of data. It is a cloud-based offering that requires no software to be installed and can be up and running in no time.

Use this valuable data to make decisions that impact your SLAs and KPIs in real time and increase the success of your Genesys Cloud Contact Center!