What is the current version, what features are new, etc.?

Below is a historical list of all versions and changes:

01.06.2021 - AniCa Version 1.0

First released version - start 01.06.2021

Supported operating systems:

  • MS Windows 10, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 7


  • Targeted routing of callbacks means time savings, thus employees are relieved and service levels increase
  • Can also be used by non-agents (communicate users), which increases efficiency for business users
  • Personal extension number does not have to be disclosed, especially helpful for people who do not want to be called directly
  • Calls to a group number ensures availability, which leads to higher customer satisfaction
  • Preset numbers allow quick and targeted selection from the drop-down menu, eliminating the need for repeated entry
  • Simple Chrome browser addon that can be installed directly from the web store
  • Built-in "click-to-dial" functionality allows numbers to be dialed directly from the Chrome browser without the need for additional copy and paste. This saves time.