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By clicking on the icons on this page you will find more frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you have further questions, we can also be reached by e-mail and telephone and will be happy to help you.

What is AniCa?

AniCa is a special add-on for your Genesys Cloud application that allows users to make outgoing calls with user-defined number (Caller ID).

This is necessary for agents or business users who work in multiple queues and/or groups. For example, it can be ensured that only the group number is displayed and that when the customer calls back, this call is also returned to exactly this group. It is therefore not necessary to give out the personal extension number. By default, Genesys Cloud allows a number to be entered for each outgoing call, but it cannot be saved for future calls.

AniCa provides a very convenient remedy here: a list of numbers can be configured and selected via a drop-down menu before an outgoing call is made. The last dialed number is already preset for the next call.

This tool passes the call command to the Genesys Cloud, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual entry of numbers before each call. In addition, a "click-to-dial" functionality is integrated, which makes it possible to highlight a number in the Google Chrome browser and dial it directly via right-click.

What are the general requirements for use?
  • The AniCa app must be installed in the Genesys Org (Genesys AppFoundry).
  • The corresponding Google Chrome Extension Addon is installed and activated. The name of this extension is " AniCa - Genesys Premium App".
  • A user owns at least one Genesys Communicate license.
  • The user is logged into the Genesys Cloud.
  • The data table with phone numbers must be set up, this can be done directly through our wizard in Genesys Cloud.
What are the technical requirements?

Operating systems

  • All operating systems that support the latest Google Chrome version (Windows, Apple, Linux, ...)

Supported web browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (AniCa from Google Web Store)

Supported platforms

  • Genesys Cloud


  • No hardware required
How is the application structured?

The following diagram shows how AniCa is structured:

AniCa structure
How to install the application?

The installation is described in the document AniCa Chrome Extension Instruction_V104.pdf.

Where can I download the Chrome Extension?

The application can be downloaded from the Google Web Store at There is also a link to the Google Web Store in the AniCa app in the Genesys Cloud.

The icon for AniCa is not visible in the upper right corner of the browser bar after installation. What is the reason for this?

In the current Chrome version, the extensions are quite happy to be "hidden". To make the AniCa button visible, please click on "Extensions" and select the "Pin" for AniCa:

Troubleshooting: All requirements are met but I cannot use AniCa?

Please check under Calls > Settings > Phone Settings whether the slider shown underneath is set to “On”. Be aware that this setting has to be checked always after login.

Which languages are supported?

Currently only English is supported (German in planning)

Is there anything to consider during configuration?
  • The numbers must be in E164 format*.
    * E.164 numbers can contain a maximum of 15 digits and are usually formatted as follows:

    [+][country code][subscriber number with area code]
    An example of a German number in E.164 format is: +497033548840.
  • Please note: For legal reasons, you may only use outgoing numbers for which you are authorized or which are assigned to you.
  • Numbers once created in the data tables are available to all users of the Genesys Org.
Is it possible to test the application and where can I get it?

Testing and purchasing is possible via the Genesys AppFoundry
Further information can be found on the our AniCa homepage.

Where can I view the release notes?

They can be found here: Release Info