Service and support are increasingly inextricably linked to the products themselves. From eCommerce products, digital financial services, mobility services, telecommunications products and insurance to the digitalisation of public administration; the customer expects fast and conclusive support. Ideally over various communication channels – from telephone via e-mail to social media or text messages.


With the contact center solution PureCloud by Genesys, you are well prepared for supporting your customers. The web-based solution allows you to serve customer inquiries in the shortest possible time:

You get a comprehensive view

The PureCloud solution systematically collects customer data. This gives the service employee all the data at a glance, including history. And this via all channels. Whether the customer reports via text message, e-mail or telephone; the history is completely recorded via Genesys’ PureCloud.

At the right place at the right time

No matter what question your customer has, they will always have the right contact person. Using artificial intelligence, PureCloud by Genesys queries the demand and forwards the customer to the best service employee available. This is how you ensure an ideal customer experience.

With access to all relevant information

Your service employee is in conversation and needs concrete information from the accounting department or from other departments? Depending on their authorization, they can access the information during the call. Because PureCloud from Genesys can’t just talk to your CRM.


For the economic, fast and above all conclusive support of customer enquiries you need a stable and secure system, relevant data and above all a good overview in real time. PureCloud from Genesys offers you all this in one solution:

You have lean, customer-oriented processes at your disposal
Artificial intelligence helps you to direct your customers quickly and directly to the right contact person. Simple processes, such as querying invoice data or general information, can be completely automated and relieve your team.

A stable and secure solution
There is no downtime with PureCloud from Genesys de facto. The solution is based on a very special technology that offers you almost 100% reliability. Combined with intelligent and sophisticated telecommunications technology from Deliberate, you are always on the safe side on the basis of redundant solutions and remain reachable for your customers.

Standardised reporting in real time
With a constant eye on the performance of your service centre, you can intervene directly and in a targeted manner. Without delay. You always have a close eye on whether everything is running smoothly. This enables you to react quickly and maintain the performance of your service centre and, of course, customer satisfaction at a high level.