In the digital transformation, customer actions that take place via different channels (telephone, e-mail, text message, etc.) can no longer be viewed separately. The previous approach of integrating these into the system landscape as a stand-alone solution has become obsolete. This is no longer possible in the truly digital world of the new age. The algorithms would be too complex, the computing power too high, the system too susceptible and too slow. Silo thinking must therefore give way to an open approach. With Omnichannel – across all channels – the data is treated homogeneously. No channel is prioritized. The customer is the linchpin. This is where all the information comes together.

Deliberate Consulting for your ideal contact center solution

The touchpoints through which customers contact you are diverse and must be served. It is not enough to have the right technology – both hardware and software. The company must be geared to this. From the way of working and thinking, as well as from the processes:

Controlling does not speak the language of the service center. The service center does not speak the accounting language. When it comes to IT projects, the departments in many companies talk past each other because they pursue different goals. This leads to IT solutions that fit perfectly into the budget, but often only meet 30 to 40% of the needs of marketing managers.
Bridging from Deliberate brings all sides together. With the goal of developing the framework for an IT solution that covers everyone’s needs and fits within the budget.

Telecommunications and information technology today form complex structures. Therefore, it is no longer enough to be a specialist – comprehensive specialist knowledge is necessary.
This knowledge does not stop at the limits of technology. Beyond the necessary technological know-how, knowledge about the influence of technologies on business processes and profitability is required. What is needed is further thinking for a holistic approach – from the infrastructure to the user.
Deliberate guides you through this process.

Well-considered and deliberate.
That's what we stand for.

With Deliberate, you build on methodological and technological expertise – from the infrastructure to the user. Based on analyses, technology considerations and preliminary studies, you know exactly which path is right for you. Contact center solutions are valuable performance accelerators, but complex technical solutions. You will recognize the full value of PureCloud as well as the expertise of our long-standing specialists by the careful implementation of our experts.

With Deliberate’s project management, you can successfully implement your projects within the framework of your specifications. The most important thing: the start. Because the first few meters determine future success. Deliberate first defines goals together with you (“project vision”) and involves partners at an early stage (“harmonization” and “commitment”).

  • Continuous monitoring and support in all project phases
  • Focus on quality, risk and cost management
  • Focus on measurability of our work
  • Application of project management methods such as project structure plan, resource planning, etc.